About Me

Here to help – not harm!

SS and Karen w rollerI am a safety-conscious human movement specialist who is committed to meeting your personal – and maybe even complex – needs with informed as well as intuitive methods.

My knowledge and approach are an especially good fit for maturing bodies or people at any age encountering general aches & pains (backs, hips, knees, shoulders and more), injuries (new & old), or health conditions (arthritis, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, metabolic syndrome, etc).

You can view my credentials here, read more about my personal story here, or simply contact me for a conversation.

I can be most helpful to you if you want:

  • A non-judgmental professional who listens and responds to your personal interests and needs
  • Efficient, safe, fun and reasonable strategies for fitting movement into your busy life
  • Smart methods of living better in the body you have now while you get stronger and healthier for the future
  • A purposeful (functional) approach to fitness that emphasizes real-life movements and brings joy back into daily activities
  • Informal or structured wellness coaching that helps you connect with your true motivation to feel better, and therefore to accomplish your health goals


I love introducing people whose bodies are changing to ways they can feel better, stronger, more stable and “at home” in their bodies. ~ Susan

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