On the road again … 

If you’re new here and wondering what that means, I recently closed a very special exercise studio because the building is planning a big change and not renewing leases.  

studio dec 2014 - Version 3

so long studio

It was a cozy, welcoming and playful space, catering to people who might not be finding what they need in the conventional fitness industry – people who don’t like big gyms (for a variety of reasons); people who are aging and having trouble recognizing the bodies they once knew; people who have chronic conditions or temporary aches & pains that need informed attention; people who feel self-conscious or judged in other environments.


. . . and coming to you! 

Walking legsAlthough that particular space is gone, I will continue bringing this unique service to clients’ homes, as I’ve done for years. Those who prefer to come to a studio will soon be able to work with me and some super-talented colleagues at a Friendship Heights location. More on that as it unfolds.

On the bright side, this change opens up some new possibilities –  both for me and you! –  so I hope you’ll stay tuned to what’s next. You can contact me here any time with questions. 


Thank you!


Thank you for being part of this journey with me! I welcome any questions you have and promise to make this transition as smooth as possible.

Except for the studio address, my contact info remains the same, and I look forward to staying in touch you.

Read about Private Sessions, Group Activities or Client Stories.

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