What’s different about Feel Good Fitness?

With so many health clubs and fitness centers around, what could be so special about another fitness studio?

Well, at this intimate, welcoming and playful space, I cater to people who might not be finding what they need in the conventional fitness industry – people who don’t like big gyms (for a variety of reasons); people who are aging and having trouble recognizing the bodies they once knew; people who have chronic conditions or temporary aches & pains that need informed attention; people who feel self-conscious or judged in other environments.

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Real attention to real challenges

All people need to feel safe moving around in whatever way is comfortable and appropriate to their circumstances. You are not expected to know what the “appropriate movement” is for you – that’s the value of professional guidance! If you know you need more physical activity but are not sure how to get it – either because you’ve never really been active or because something in your body or life has change – I can help you figure out how to work with that change.

client w ballMaking movement FUN!

Taking into consideration not only what you’re capable of but also what will appeal to you, I help you figure out the safest and most effective movement program to help you feel better in your body. We don’t use the latest workout in a fitness magazine (unless you want to!) – we find things you will enjoy, or at least what makes you feel your best, so you can make the life changes you’re seeking.

Help for those who need it most

The thing about changing bodies (and they are are always changing!) is they need new ways of doing things, and they don’t always find the help they need in the places they used to. Maybe you used to play tennis, jog, play softball or take jazzercise classes, but those things don’t work for you anymore. If your body is getting older, recovering from injury, living with illness, stress, or other challenges, it probably needs new ways of doing things. Or if you just haven’t done much in a while and need to ramp up in a safe and sensible way, you’ll benefit from deeper expertise than you might find in a standard gym or fitness center. 

ss w client n bookCommunity & Education

Feel Good Fitness leads classes and workshops that encourage you not only to move your body, but to learn about your body, so you can take the best care of it on your own!

Read about Private Sessions, Group Activities or Client Stories.

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