Group Programs at Feel Good Fitness

Fitness workshops

Group programs let you tap into the learning available here while also offering the camaraderie and supportive energy of a group. 


By teaching you a lot in one morning or afternoon, our workshops improve your confidence and ability to be more active on your own. 

You get knowledge, instruction and experience in a fixed time commitment, so you can go forth and take care of your body on your own schedule!

These are typically 2-3 hour programs in which participants learn about a particular aspect of physical health, such as preventing low back pain, improving flexibility or building strength.


At different times of the year we offer 4- to 6-week classes focusing on different aspects of physical health, such as improving flexibility, balance, strength, or all of the above. 

Check the calendar for upcoming workshops and classes.

If you have questions or are interested in a particular topic that is not currently scheduled, please contact me with your thoughts or request.

You can also sign up for email to be informed when a workshop is scheduled (to the right, scroll down).

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