Roll, Stretch & Flex

Use the foam roller and targeted stretching for optimum flexibility, relaxation and stress reduction

This class combines use of the foam roller (no experience necessary!) with multiple stretching techniques to optimize the lengthening and relaxation of soft tissues.

We’ll address the entire body, including such commonly tight areas as backs (upper & lower), hips and legs.

Since you’re not likely to sweat, you can come as you are and return to your day refreshed, relaxed and moving more easily – all within an hour.

Simply wear clothes you can move in easily, and plan to shed some stress while you’re here!

This class will appeal to those interested in

  • reducing tension in the body
  • enhancing flexibility and range of motion
  • reducing pain caused by myofascial tension
  • improving athletic or daily-life performance
  • moving more easily
  • rolling around on the floor! 😉


Questions before registering? Please contact me any time! 

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