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Classes at Feel Good Fitness are a great way to get regular, ongoing physical activity in a supportive, social setting, led by a knowledgeable instructor who has done all the thinking – so all you have to do is enjoy moving! By taking a weekly class, you not only get to enjoy that hour, but you’ll learn things you can use at other times, and maybe even make new friends.

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The idea behind any Feel Good Fitness workshop is to improve your confidence and ability to be active on your own. You get knowledge, instruction and experience in a fixed time commitment, so you can go forth and take care of your body on your own schedule!

Choose to learn about select aspects of physical health, such as preventing low back pain, improving flexibility, building strength, or how to use a particular piece of equipment such as a foam roller or exercise band. 

View upcoming workshops & classes


If you have questions or are interested in any topics not currently scheduled, please contact me with a brief note on which topic appeals to you.  

You can also sign up for email (above and to the right) to be informed when a workshop is scheduled.

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