Is Feel Good Fitness right for you?

When you select someone to work with something as important, intimate and complex as your body, it’s best to have a good fit.

One way to assess this before we meet is to read stories of people who have flourished here – people who came here with back pain, stress, high blood pressure, chronic illnesses, post-cancer treatment and other issues. People who now feel much better and have tools for improving and managing their physical health.

The main things my best-fitting clients appreciate are:

  • A non-judgmental and mature advisor who listens and responds to your individual interests, preferences, and concerns
  • A knowledgeable professional you can trust to choose the most appropriate, effective, and fun exercises for you
  • Practical strategies for busy lives that will maximize small windows of time and even put old fitness gear to good use
  • Smart moves that teach you how to live better in the body you have now as you get stronger and healthier for the future
  • A functional approach that emphasizes real-life movements and brings joy back into daily activities (by making them easier!)


Contact me through this form or call (301) 633-5070.


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