A Busy Mother Moves Towards Her Fitness Goals

Taking Time for Self & Making Time for Exercise

Lia is busy raising young children, completing a graduate degree, and working part-time. It’s no surprise that with very little time to herself, it can be hard to fit exercise into her schedule.

Her East Indian roots influenced her healthy eating habits and love of yoga, but she hadn’t had much experience with other exercise options. When Lia found me, she was carrying extra weight after two pregnancies, wanted to improve her health, and knew that she could feel better with the right exercise routine.

As we worked together, Lia quickly learned to think about functional exercise as within reach—even with a busy schedule. After 4 1-hour sessions to teach her the fundamentals, we began meeting for 30 minutes twice a week.

It turns out that fitting short home workouts into her schedule is much more manageable than driving to the gym and spending an hour on the elliptical machine or a treadmill—it’s also more fun.

I love to see my clients discover their own connection with physical activity, and I do my best to suggest additional activities they might enjoy. When I mentioned a local Pilates class to Lia, she decided to attend the very next Saturday. She adored the class and was thrilled to feel stronger and more capable after our short time training together.

Now she makes time to go to that class AND see me twice a week for brief sessions to keep her on track. She found the energy and the willpower to carve out a small amount of time for herself and it just keeps paying off. Like so many of my clients, Lia changed her ideas about fitness as we worked together, and now she’s made space in her life for a more productive relationship to exercise.

“Working with Feel Good Fitness was such a positive experience! I’d never used a personal trainer before and truthfully found the idea a little daunting. But Susan immediately put my worries to rest and was super supportive, attentive, and encouraging. She works with you to identify your own personal goals—not some unattainable gym standard. I’d made some pretty big lifestyle changes over the years but still found myself stuck in a cycle of exercising intensely for weeks at a time then losing momentum.

Susan helped me create a workout plan that was manageable and sustainable. She gave me lots of great ideas for exercises that I can mix and match, even some that I can do right at home. I learned how to make small incremental changes, and after a month I already feel and see the difference. Most of all, I’ve been able to change my relationship to exercise. It doesn’t feel like a chore anymore, but a great release and confidence/energy booster. I can’t recommend Feel Good Fitness enough!”


Kristina, Silver Spring


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