Customized fitness program helps client feel better

Tamra is a 36-year-old professional with multiple health conditions that make exercise both challenging and complicated. When we began our work together, she was also overweight, but she was determined to build muscle tone while she worked on changing her diet.

Client health is always my first concern, so I make sure to adapt all fitness programs to a client’s specialized needs. I started Tamra off with an exercise routine that would build stamina and core strength slowly, so that she could gain confidence and go at her own pace. I also taught her about the recommended exercise protocol for her health conditions, since she needs to exercise in a specific way that differs from guidelines for the general public. I’m passionate about client education as part of my work because knowing and understanding our bodies and their needs is crucial for making good decisions about physical health.

After three months, Tamra lost weight and felt stronger. Her commute on public transportation no longer felt like such a chore after building up her endurance through regular activity.

Now, Tamra exercises with confidence because she has learned how to adapt for her health conditions and still keep up a workout routine that improves her physical health. When she can’t fit a full workout into her schedule, she also knows that taking a short exercise break while watching television is worth every second she invests—for her health and for her mood.

“What’s helpful about this is having a professional create a structure that’s just for you. I can find lots of information on my iPad or in magazines, but the key is: how do I make the best use of this stuff for me? Susan shows you how to do that.”

Tamra, 36


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