Fitness Consultation to Use Available Equipment Effectively

A Fitness & Equipment Consultation Makes Exercise More Effective

kristina-fitness-consultationKristina is a busy professional with a fitness center on the ground floor of her condo building. She wanted to take advantage of this convenience but wasn’t sure how to go about it, so a fitness consultation made perfect sense. Even though Kristina had tried similar machines in other gyms, she had never learned how to use the equipment properly or how to structure her workouts to get the results she wanted. Since she was often tired after a long work day, she also wanted help on being efficient in the gym so she could reap the greatest level of benefit in the shortest period of time.

During Kristina’s assessment, we visited her fitness center. She told me what kinds of activities she liked to do most, and she pointed out the machines she was interested in using—both strength-training and cardiovascular machines. We also explored her comfort level with free weights (dumbbells) so that she could include them for variety.

Like many women, Kristina was concerned that too much weight training would add unwanted bulk, but I assured her we could avoid it by adjusting her program. Plus, there are significant benefits to full-body strength training with free weights rather than using machines that isolate muscles. For Kristina, knowledge and coaching kept the fitness center equipment from being intimidating and encouraged her to listen to her body.

Kristina wanted to lose a few pounds and improve her aerobic health, but she did not have a lot of experience on cardiovascular machines beyond the treadmill. I taught her to use the elliptical machine, which she—like many people—approached cautiously at first. It can be awkward and therefore challenging, but the elliptical machine is a great choice for many people seeking a low-impact method of improving heart health and burning calories. Within a couple of weeks, Kristina was hopping on and off the elliptical machine like a veteran gym rat.

Stay Motivated With A Personalized Fitness Plan

Kristina chose her exercises based on what she enjoyed, then I offered instruction and recommendations. Our sessions gave her the knowledge she needed to feel confident rather than intimidated by the equipment, along with the coaching she needed to stay motivated and move towards her fitness goals.

I also taught her some floor exercises she could easily do in her apartment. That way she could stay on track even if she didn’t feel up to using the fitness center after a long day at work. Kristina learned that every exercise session doesn’t have to be long and arduous. Some days, a few minutes are enough.

Voilà! With a plan and some coaching, Kristina was off to a great start. Now, she contacts me every few months to add new and challenging exercises to her routine.

My commitment to client education and personalized fitness consultation was a great fit for Kristina’s needs. She wanted me to listen, show her how to do the things that appealed to her, and then give her a plan that she could ultimately use on her own.


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