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Some of the clients I’ve worked with over the years have been so kind as to offer these comments.

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My road trip last summer was completely different than it would have been if I had not gotten Susan’s help. My arthritic knees handled the hiking and allowed me to explore beautiful country out West on a once-in-a-lifetime reunion journey with my sisters.

Victoria, 66

With Susan’s help, I feel more confident about sticking with fitness as a life change. She is extremely knowledgeable about the body and is highly skilled in creating workouts that take into consideration any physical limitations or injuries. She has a knack for being creative and keeping the workouts interesting. I feel very well taken care of by Susan and I am very excited about my NBIP (New Body in Progress).

Marilou, 55

Takoma Park

"I had a narrow view of what fitness training would look like, and I’ve made so much more progress in a short time than I would have imagined. I can’t believe how much I’ve learned."

Liberty, 40


"Susan Silver is a gem. For six months she has worked with me to get me past a minor knee injury and to get active again. She is patient, supportive, encouraging and attuned to the needs of a client with an injury. At the same time she has set a rigorous workout plan for me. After working with Susan, I feel 50 times better than I did six months before. I give her my unqualified recommendation."

Peter, 59

Takoma Park

"I have lower back issues and with Susan’s expertise and guidance I was able to strengthen my core and alleviate my lower back pain. She is extremely knowledgeable and has excellent credentials. In addition, she makes the sessions fun and is very patient."

Kathy, 54

Washington DC

"Susan explains how the body works in a way that helps me understand why I’m doing the exercises, so it all makes sense to me. I also like that there’s a gradual process in which you build upon a starting place, and I can see how the pieces fit together. I always feel challenged but without it being excessive. I never liked exercising this much!

My back doesn’t hurt anymore. I walk easier. So working with Susan is the one thing I don’t want to miss in my week."

Lorraine, 66


"Susan worked with me on a solid work-out plan, but her brilliance was in making it easy and offering me different configurations so I could easily stay on task while traveling, or if I only had 15 minutes, I had a plan for that too! Susan pumped me up every step of the way, and helped shift my attitude about working out."

Cynthia, 51


"In preparation for our upcoming wedding, my fiancé and I worked independently and also as a couple with Susan at Feel Good Fitness. Susan was able to show us how easily we could fit exercise into our time and space constraints while getting amazing results. The wedding came and we were in the spotlight. Even as I look back now at the photos of our special day, it’s like the greatest “after” picture"

Kris, 37

Silver Spring

"I needed the structure you get from working with a professional, but Susan also taught me new, fun things to do so I don’t get bored, as well as practical ways to work exercise into my crazy schedule."

Licia, 48

Silver Spring

"My results continue to surprise and amaze me. Susan showed me many exercises that would help make my knee and back stronger, and I found that I actually enjoyed the workouts. I feel better and have way more energy. The people in my life sense this, and everything we do is more fun."

George, 67

Chevy Chase

"What’s helpful about this is having a professional create a structure that’s just for you. I can find lots of information on my iPad or in magazines, but the key is: how do I make the best use of this stuff for me? Susan shows you how to do that."

Tamra, 36


"Susan was very conscientious and thoughtful about my back issues and tailored the program to strengthen my core muscles to support my back. She customizes everything and is prepared each session with a well-thought-out regimen. She gave me a variety of programs I could do at home or when I was on the road. She made sure I was trained well enough to do things on my own.She is not only incredibly professional but fun to spend time with. You could not ask for any one better!!"



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