Your Initial Assessment

clipboard2All private fitness sessions at Feel Good Fitness begin with a full assessment of your health history and status, as well as your individual needs and goals. You will receive a questionnaire to complete before our session, and we will review it together.

During the Assessment session, we also conduct a movement screen to examine how your body currently moves – where it might be tight, weak or imbalanced (almost EVERYone has SOMEthing!).

Investing in you

The Assessment takes a little longer (75 minutes) and costs more ($165) than the ongoing sessions. This is an important investment in getting to know you, your body, your lifestyle, preferences, special conditions – and ultimately what you need to get better and stronger safely.

Online scheduling

First-timers package

First-time clients may also consider the Foundations Package, which includes the Initial Assessment plus three 1-hour sessions, all wrapped up in a discount!


Have questions or want to speak with someone before scheduling? Email Susan or call (301) 633-5070.

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