A functional approach to your fitness

First, a word about the title, “Personal Training.”

I believe this title conjures an image that does not match my approach. 


This is NOT me!

The image I’m referring to is of a young, super-fit whip-cracker who “helps” people achieve rapid weight loss or massive muscles with vigorous workouts and restrictive diets. 

Of course, not every Personal Trainer is like that; but many have historically fit that model, so it’s what most people picture or have, in fact, experienced.

Not here.

I am a safety-conscious human movement specialist who is committed to meeting your personal – and maybe even complex – needs with an informed, sensible approach. I identify myself as a Personal Trainer because, until we have other language, these are the words people recognize, and it is how I am primarily credentialed.

Start where you are and go from there

Susan Silver helping client with lunge.

We build SENSIBLE strength, and safely.

My approach to functional training honors the body you have today—its age, strength, abilities, and challenges. Some of my clients haven’t exercised in a while, others have never been active, and still others simply want more benefits from their current routine.

As you step up your physical activity, it’s sensible to recognize that the way you exercise at 40, 50 or 60 is very different than the way you did it in your 20s or even 30s. You can honor the body you’re in and get stronger safely with the right professional guidance.

My clients learn that our work together will get them in the best condition their body can handle right now—and they can build on those results going forward.

Invest in yourself

Whether you’re a formerly active person or a lifetime bookworm, you owe it to yourself to invest in a credentialed expert whose mission is to help you move more easily, and who will teach you how to maintain your physical health on your own.

Most people don’t need (or want!) a personal trainer forever, but it helps to have the right guidance when you’re getting started, starting over, or changing your program.

Ready to learn how it works?  

Read about the process and your options for personal training.

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