Private & Partner Sessions at Feel Good Fitness

After you’ve completed the Initial Assessment, a variety of options are available for your ongoing sessions, which can be 50 or 30 minutes, depending on your preferences. Most people like to meet once or twice a week, but it is also possible to meet less frequently. It all depends on your goals and interests.

If you already know what you’re looking for, you can jump right to booking!


Private Sessions

50 minutes – 2 options

50 minutes, Plus gives us the better part of an hour to move you around as well as teach you things you can do on your own. The distinction with this service is you get a take-home plan with illustrations, so you can make progress at home or in your health club in between visits with me.  This is a great way to accomplish a lot more with a little more investment.

50 minutes Regular is the same full session but without the take-home illustrations. This works just fine in lots of scenarios, such as if you have a good memory, can work off of photographs we take of you, or – of course – don’t plan to do any homework!  

30 minutes

At a certain point in your program – and depending on your goals – you may also benefit from 30-minute sessions. These are a great way to optimize your program and your budget at the same time.  With this touchpoint for accountability at a lower cost, many clients are able to build a robust program around these brief but frequent visits.

Partner Sessions

You can also choose to share this adventure with a partner who has similar needs and goals to yours. If you prefer to have a buddy (or two), each person will first receive an Initial Assessment. After that, you can share the cost of customized private sessions, making your budget stretch further so you can come more often!

Summary and booking


Private Sessions

Online scheduling 
50-minutes, Plus
Includes take-home instructions so you can maximize your program on your own. 
50-minutes, Regular
A full session with the trainer, minus the structured homework.


30-minute session
The ultimate budget-optimizer, available to clients who have had at least four 60-minute sessions.



Partner Sessions

Share the fun and stretch your budget even further by coming with a pal who has similar needs, goals and interests.



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Have questions or want to speak with someone before scheduling? Email Susan or call (301) 633-5070.

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