Show some love, please

I’m pretty much a Valentine’s Day curmudgeon. I’m not so much celebrating it as using the opportunity to share this little fantasy of what your body might say if it could give you a Valentines’ Day card:

Dear [you],wooden body

I know you mostly think of me as a vehicle for carrying around your head, if you think of me at all.

I try not to take that personally, even though I work so hard in ways you have no clue about to keep that head operating.

I know you are also constantly disappointed in me – either because you don’t like the way a certain part of me looks, or because there are certain things I won’t do on demand. And I’m sure you don’t like the messages I’ve been sending you lately in the form of aches and pains. In case you haven’t noticed I’m trying to get some attention.

Valentine’s Day seems like a good time to review our respective needs, so here’s a look at mine:

  • I need water, electrolytes and nutrients (nutrients, by the way, come in fresh fruits & vegetables). Instead you give me caramel lattes, scones, martinis and something in a box called “Low Fat.”
  • I need sleep for restoration. Instead you give me late-night television, Facebook and WordsWithFriends.
  • I need movement and light. Instead you sit at a desk all day.

You know that big old tree you love so much? Those pretty flowers and charming animals around you? I need the same things they do – hydration, sunlight, rest, nourishment. Try watering the hydrangeas with your Diet Coke and see what happens.

If you want more from me, you need to contribute. Give me something I can work with – a little more walking, a stretching break, water, something green.

I don’t think it’s a lot to ask, but a little TLC will go a long way toward mending our relationship. And you’ll be happy with the support you can get from me once I get my needs met.

With love and unwavering commitment to carting your head around,heart

Your body

ps – here are some specials I found where we can get therapeutic movement. Make me happy – check them out!

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