You asked for it!

Small Group Training is here!

Friends in semi private fitness training

Semiprivate Training starts in September 2014 and is being offered at three different times.

I have been blessed over the summer with lots of new clients in the Silver Spring studio, and many have been asking if they can continue their training with a small group of others, instead of training solo with me.  

From this I have concluded:

1. I am not as entertaining as I thought;

2. As each client’s program gets a little tougher, she starts thinking it would be nice to have someone (other than the trainer) to groan with; and

3. I should not take this personally, but simply get on with the act of creating personal training for small groups.

So it’s here!  The first Semiprivate Training Series starts in September and is being offered at three different times.

By sharing your hour-long functional fitness sessions with three other people, you can get 6 weeks of training for less than the cost of two private sessions.

Plus you’ll have more people to laugh with, more people to encourage you, and more companionship in the groaning department. In the meantime, I’ll work on my supportive groaning.

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